The Pope Resignation-It’s Time to really be Unplugged From Religion

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The day of February 11, 2013 will go down in history as the day that  Pope Benedict the 16th leader of the Roman Catholic Church resigned. Just a couple of weeks ago many were gathered around the television cheering for their favorite football team to win the super bowl. On this week many gathered around the television to see an event of celebrities win an award called a grammy. In saying all of that, while we are being occupied with entertainment the powers that be are working behind the scenes to push and mobilize the world into a one world order system. The church is not teaching the true message of the Kingdom of God, matter of fact, the church has partnered with the principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places to promote  the assignment of the Kingdom of Satan.

On 12-12-12 the Mayans predicted that an end would come. Many took this literally and began to prepare for the actual end of the world. For those who understand biblical prophecy, many understood that this event ushered in the beginning  of a new age while closing out another. On the day of 12-12-12 plagues (REV 18:4) were released within the tree of the Knowledge of Good an evil, the host of the Religious system.  On that day  an age called the “New Age Movement”  and it’s agents  of the Kingdom of Satan was ushered in like never before into the earth . On the other hand,  the age of the  Kingdom of God was ushered in as well. The age of the Kingdom will manifest , dominate and destroy the opposing kingdom. The Kingdom of God will rule and reign  forever on earth as it is in heaven. Before the manifestation of a Kingdom where there will be no more tears and no more death, the people within the earth have to go through a time like never seen on earth before. When the pope resigned from his position as the leader of the Roman Catholic, this event is an event to awaken all eyes from their sleeping post. The next pope can verily well be the final 111th Pope called the “False Prophet”. It is said that the sixth hour of the pope resigning, lightning struck the dome of St. Peter of the Vatican. Luke 10:18 declares that Satan will be cast down to the earth like a bolt of lightning.


Earlier in the post we’ve concluded that an end of an age has taken place, now here we are in the month of February,  and now we’re seeing a change of leadership in the Papacy.  Of course, it all makes since, what else should take place other than a new Pope in leadership to complete the assignment of  the manifestation of the one world order, the new age movement. People, we don’t have time to be plugged into things we do not understand such as secret societies, religious organizations, elite groups etc. Scripture declares that even if it were so that even the elect would be deceived. This scripture is so true! Many who are in high positions are walking and pushing a deceptive message! If you do not get unplugged from the system of the tree of knowledge and good and evil, your children and their children will be over taken by it’s plagues. Today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart. It’s time to really be unplugged from Mystery Babylon and all of her components. In a couple of months we will be celebrating a holy feast  called “The Passover”. I am very most certain that a prophetic event will take place during this time, it’s always around the time of the father’s holy convocations that bible prophecy are fulfilled. Let us continue to watch and pray as the King’s Kingdom will surely rule and reign forever and ever on this earth.


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